Volleyball Contacts

Director, Volleyball Program Tara Espraza Email Me
Co-Director, Volleyball Program Carrie Augspurger Email Me
Director, Volleyball Referees Jen Biswell Email Me
Ast Director, Practice Manager Julie Chambers Email Me
Ast Director, Scorekeeper Tom Hanrahan Email Me


Uniforms & Equipment Contacts

Director, Uniforms & Equipment Kin Ackerman Email Me
Co-Director, Uniforms & Equipment **OPEN** Contact Kin Ackerman

Team Formation

Team formation can be a sensitive subject, as some players and parents want to play on a specific team or with a specific coach. Parents cannot choose their team. We try to accommodate requests where possible, but we have established Team Formation Guidelines for coordinators to use in forming teams. When registering for an Ascension team you can request to play on a certain team or with a certain player, but we cannot guarantee we can accommodate all requests.

It is the Program Director/Grade Coordinator’s responsibility to form the teams at a given grade level… not a coach of a team at that level. Please do not ask the coaches if your child can play on their team.

Below are some of the considerations for team formation.

  • The team the player was on the previous year.
  • The school the player attends.
  • The number of players assigned to each team at the grade level. We try to keep the number of players on a team consistent across the teams when possible.

Ascension does not conduct try-outs or allow coaches to hand-pick their teams.

Ascension Volleyball

The goal of the Ascension Youth Volleyball Program is to develop a child's volleyball skills in a positive environment which promotes Christian values.

Who Can Play?

All boys and girls, Grades 3-8, are eligible for participation in the volleyball program if the child meets AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria: (unless your parish does not have a program).

  • Be Catholic and a registered member of Ascension Parish
  • Attend Ascension Catholic School
  • Live within the Ascension Parish Boundaries (click here to enter your address)
  • Attend a public elementary school whose public school boundary falls within Ascension Parish boundaries

CYC League (Grades 3-8):

  • The season runs from August through mid November
  • Practices
    • Weekly practices at Ascension gym one night per week, Monday through Friday
  • Games
    • 6 vs 6 at Ascension and other West County parish gyms
    • 8-10 matches depending on the number of teams in a division
    • Girls: typically played on Friday nights or on Saturday mornings/afternoons. Some overflow games are played on Sundays.
    • Boys: typically played on Sunday afternoons/evenings. Some overflow games are played on Friday evenings
  • Team Formation
    • All CYC Volleyball teams are Parent Coached. The success of our program is depenedent on our parent coach volunteers!
    • 10-12 players are recommended per team. However, these numbers are only intended as a guideline. The Volleyball Director will do his/her best to ensure your child gets on a team, if registered by the deadline.
    • Boys Rosters: If there are not enough boys registered to form a team, they may be reassigned to another parish if there is room

NOTE: Soccer and volleyball leagues do run concurrently. CYC will ensure there are no conflicts with the initial schedules.

CYC ID Cards - No longer needed

Physical CYC cards are being replaced with an electronic membership. Players registering for the CYC League will be charged a $5 annual membership fee and required to upload a photo to appear on rosters. Coaches will also be require

Team Formation

All players are normally placed on the team from the previous year. All new participants will be placed randomly on teams based on team numbers. The goal is to balance the player count per team across multiple teams at that gender/age level. When possible, we use the comment section of the registration form to place individuals on teams in which they might have a friend they want to play with. Please know we will do our best but this is not a guarantee and a great opportunity for your kids to make new friends.

Playoff Eligibility

Teams in Grades 5-8 may participate in the post-season West County CYC District playoffs and the CYC Archdiocesan Tournament. Eligibility depends on both division designation and standing within the division.

CYC playoffs in grades 5-8, has moved to a Large School/Small School format.  Much like the set-up with high schools in Missouri, CYC teams would be divided according to the number of teams in the parish program for each sport; soccer, volleyball and basketball, grades 5-8. The parishes would be listed by registrations numbers, with the top 20% designated as Large School, and the remaining 80% as Small School. This would apply only to the Archdiocesan playoffs. Each district would continue to set-up their leagues as they do now. One big advantage to this system is it allows more small programs to participate in the CYC Archdiocesan playoffs. Over the last several years, the majority of our Archdiocesan winners have come from the larger parishes.


Regular registration opens in May and will end June 15th. Late fees apply after June 15th, and placement on a team is not guaranteed. It is important to register on time to ensure your child will be placed on a team.


CYC League (Grades 3-8): $110 per player.

A $25 Sibling Discount will be given on all registrations after the first family member.

* A late registration fee of $50 applies from the Registration End Date until the program can no longer accept players for that gender and age level.**

NOTE: There are many reasons why "the program can no longer accept players for that gender and age level", for example:

  • The teams are full
  • Hard deadlines with the CYC League - i.e. team/player information must be submitted​


The Ascension Volleyball Program will provide team jerseys for all players. All jerseys must be picked by a parent prior to the season and returned to one of the uniform collections at the end of the season. Please follow the appropriate care procedure and remember that these jerseys will be used by others in future years. Only wear the jerseys for games and not as play clothes. Also, please change before eating or drinking as stains are very difficult to remove. A fee may be assessed for damaged uniforms at the discretion of the Athletic Association. A fee will be assessed and your account suspended for failure to return the uniform.

Volunteer Information

Parent Participation - We Need Your Help!

All parents are encouraged to volunteer in a Sports Program as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or practice/game helper. If your team already has a Head Coach, please ask him/her what you can do to help the team, or contact the appropriate Coordinator for details on how to help. Parent Participation allows us to continue to provide sports programs!

Each volunteer must fulfill their Archdiocese obligation by being compliant with the guidelines listed below. Non-compliance means we cannot accept volunteers that we greatly appreciate and need to make our Ascension programs successful.

Parent Volunteers
​Coaches & Assistant Coaches​
  • All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must register each season in Team Sideline (no fee to register)
  • Please visit the "Coaches Corner" tab for Coaching requirements