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Director, Track Program Michael Amador Email Me
Co-Director, Track Program Eric Moos Email Me

Track & Field

The goal of the Ascension Youth Track Program is to develop a child's track and field skills in a safe, positive environment which promotes Christian values.

Who Can Play?

All boys and girls, ages 5-15 (in grades Kindergarten through 8th), is open to all boys and girls, Pre-K through High School, who meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  • Be Catholic and a registered member of Ascension Parish
  • Attend Ascension Catholic School
  • Live within the Ascension Parish Boundaries (click here to enter your address)
  • Attend a public elementary school whose public school boundary falls within Ascension Parish boundaries

The eligibility of a child to participate in a given age division is determined by his/her age as of July 31st of this year.

  • The age cut off is July 31. Kids run in the age group of whatever age they will be on July 31 of that year.
  • Example: Usain Bolt Junior's birthday is June 20, 2011. He will be 10 Years old by July 31, 2021 therefore he runs 10/11 age bracket, even though he is only 9 years only on the day of the CYC Prelims and Finals in May. This keeps kids of the same grade running together (mostly).

We Need Your Help!

The following positions are available for the 2023 Track Season. Please contact our Track Directors if interested.

  • Track Coaches at all age divisions.
  • Sprint coach, long jump coach, and shot put coach.  


Event 7 & Under 8/9 10/11 12/13 14/15
50M Dash X        
100M Dash X X X X X
200M Dash X X X X X
400M Dash   X X X X
800M Run   X X X X
1600M Run   X X X X
400M Relay   X X X X
800M Relay   X X X X
1600M Relay   X X X X
Softball Throw X X      
Standing Long Jump X X      
Running Long Jump     X X X
High Jump     X X X
Shot Put     X X X

General Information

Team Formation

All players participate as a single team with assignment to events based on age and gender requirements, as well as player election and in some cases, player performance. Each child is guaranteed participation in at least one event.

Registration and Fees

Registration typically runs from mid January mid February each year.

Fees are $45 per participant.

No late registrations after February 23th.  


Fischer’s will be supplying our track shirts and it is the responsibility of the player/parents to go to the store, get sized, and place the order.

NEW FOR 2023!  2 options for shirts! Either one is good.  If you have a shirt from last year, use it.  Both Shirts are good from one year to the next.    

Ascension Track T-Shirt $10. 

Ascension Track Singlet $18.  


mid-March through mid-May 2023

  • Wednesdays, 6-7pm, all ages, location (likely Parkway Central and Parkway West)
  • Sunday, 8-9am Marquette, Grades 2nd-8th (Sorry K-1 kids), ALL DISTANCES

2023 Meets

Please be aware track meets are super fun and can last all day. Participants are free to come and go as time between events allows. Bring plenty of food, water, games, and umbrellas for the sun and rain.

Blue & Gold  April 1 (tenative) All Ages Lafayette (tentative)

Nash Dash

April 22

All Ages Vianney High School
CYC Prelims
Ascension will run in one meet per CYC, Top 6 advance to CYC Finals
April 22, DeSmet 
April 29, Cardinal Ritter (tenative)
May 6, St. Dominic
All Ages Cardinal Ritter
CYC Finals May 13 Qualifiers from Prelims DeSmet


Example track meet timeline:

9:00 AM 1600 Meter Run SLJ 7-8-9, SP 10-11, HJ 10-11, RLJ 10-11
10:00 AM 100 Meter Dash SP 12-13, 7U SThrow-immediately following 7U 100 meter dash
11:00 AM 400 Relay(4 X 100) SP 14-15, RLJ 14-15, HJ 12-13, 8-9 SThrow- following 8-9 4x100
12:30 PM 400 Meter Dash  
1:30 PM 50 Meter Dash 1PM. RLJ 12-13, HJ 14-15
2:00 PM 800 Relay (4 x 200)  
3:00 PM 800 Meter Run  
4:00 PM 200 Meter Dash  
5:00 PM 1600Relay (4 x 400)  

Mandatory Parent Participation

Parent participation is MANDATORY to help out with practices and at the meets. We are required to provide one (1) parent volunteer per ten (10) track participants at all meets. Each family will be required to help out with (1) practice and work (1) shift at a meet. This does NOT fulfill your work duty requirement for the Athletic Association.

Volunteer Information

Parent Participation - We Need Your Help!

All parents are encouraged to volunteer in a Sports Program as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or practice/game helper. If your team already has a Head Coach, please ask him/her what you can do to help the team, or contact the appropriate Coordinator for details on how to help. Parent Participation allows us to continue to provide sports programs!

Each volunteer must fulfill their Archdiocese obligation by being compliant with the guidelines listed below. Non-compliance means we cannot accept volunteers that we greatly appreciate and need to make our Ascension programs successful.

Parent Volunteers
​Coaches & Assistant Coaches​
  • All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must register each season in Team Sideline (no fee to register)
  • Please visit the "Coaches Corner" tab for Coaching requirements

Ascension Track & Field Records

*CYC Record

Think you can run faster?  Bring it!

30 Ascension Records set in 2023

2 CYC Records set in 2023

(all records based on availalbe data)