Soccer Contacts

Director, Soccer Program Tom Shaner Email Me
Co-Director, Soccer Program Brent Mannebach Email Me
Director, Soccer Training League Alicia Weinzirl Email Me
Ast Director, Northwest Representative Mike Winter Email Me
Director, Soccer Referees Stacey Mann Email Me
Ast Director, Score/Game Cards Tom Hanrahan Email Me
Ast Director, Practice Manager Matt Telken Email Me
Coordinator, Trophies (CYC & Tourney) Julie Vielhaber Email Me


Uniforms & Equipment Contacts

Director, Uniforms & Equipment Kin Ackerman Email Me
Co-Director, Uniforms & Equipment **OPEN** Contact Kin Ackerman

Ascension Soccer Program

It is the goal of the soccer program at Ascension to promote a positive experience surrounding the game of soccer for each child. We are dedicated to providing a safe, family-oriented environment for our children to learn and to enjoy organized sporting activities. The goal of the various programs is not only to teach our children how to play a given sport, but also how to be a good sport in both victory and defeat.

Who Can Play?

Soccer is open to all boys and girls, Pre-K through 8th grade, who meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  • Be Catholic and a registered member of Ascension Parish
  • Attend Ascension Catholic School
  • Live within the Ascension Parish Boundaries (click here to enter your address)
  • Attend a public elementary school whose public school boundary falls within Ascension Parish boundaries

CYC Soccer Program

CYC League (Grades 2-8)

  • Season runs from early September through mid-November
  • Practices begin in mid-August
  • One practice during the week
  • 9 Games played Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday
  • Home games played at Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex (CVAC)
  • CYC annual membership required (in lieu of CYC cards)
  2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th
Format 7 v 7 7 v 7 7 v 7 11 v 11 11 v 11
Field Size 50 x 75 yds 50 x 75 yds 50 x 75 yds regulation regulation
Ball Size #4 #4 #4 #4 #5
Game Length 20 min halves 25 min halves 25 min halves 30 min halves 35 min halves


CYC League (Grades 2-8) $150

  • A late registration fee of $50 applies from the Registration End Date until the program can no longer accept players for that gender and age level.
  • A $25 Sibling Discount will be given on all Soccer registrations after the first family member. 

CYC ID Cards - No longer needed

Physical CYC cards are being replaced with an electronic annual membership. Players registering for the CYC League will be charged a $5 annual membership fee, and will be required to upload a photo to serve as validation on the official roster. Coaches will also be required to upload a photo, but there is no charge for a coach membership.


The Ascension Soccer Program will provide team jerseys and shorts for all players. CYC requires the WHOLE team to wear the same socks. Parents are responsible for purchasing the specific socks as decided by the coach/team.

All jerseys and shorts must be picked by a parent prior to the season and returned to one of the uniform collections at the end of the season. Please follow the appropriate care procedure and remember that these jerseys will be used by others in future years. Only wear the jerseys for games and not as play clothes. Also, please change before eating or drinking as stains are very difficult to remove. A fee may be assessed for damaged uniforms at the discretion of the Athletic Association. A fee will be assessed and your account suspended for failure to return the full uniform

Training League Soccer

Note:  The CYC annual membership is not required for Training League programs.

Training League (PreK)

Ascension Soccer has entered into a partnership with J.B. Marine SC for our Pre-K program. To be eligible for this program, participants must be age 4 by July 31st of the current year.

Program Overview

Practices/games with skills and 3v3 games being held on Wednesday nights from 6-7 PM, mid-late August - early-mid October. Clinics use a size #3 soccer ball.

Program Goals

  • Provide a fun, quality soccer experience for all Ascension youth who participate
  • Develop the Ascension players to the best of their ability
  • Promote excellence in sportsmanship and conduct in all players, coaches, referees and parents
  • Provide a participant to trainer (coach) ratio of ~ 6:1


Training League (PreK) $125 per player

  • includes 8 weeks of trainings/games and t-shirt.

Training League (K - 1st)

  • Season runs from end of August through end of October
  • 10 Games played primarily on Saturdays or Sundays at CVAC (Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex)
  • One practice during the week
  Kindergarten 1st Grade
Format 7 v 7 7 v 7
Goalie YES YES
Field Size 35 x 55 yards 35 x 55 yards
Ball Size #4 #4
Game Length Four 10 min Qtrs Four 10 min Qtrs
Official Score Kept NO NO

The primary objective of the Training League program is to provide an enjoyable, low-key introduction to soccer for our players.


Training League (PreK - 1st) $125 per player

  • A late registration fee of $25 applies from the Registration End Date until the program can no longer accept players for that gender and age level.
  • A $25 Sibling Discount will be given on all Soccer registrations after the first family member. Please note the sibling does not apply to clinic based programs.


The Ascension Soccer Program will provide a shirt for all players. Parents are responsible for purchasing socks and shorts.

Team Formation

Team formation can be a sensitive subject, as some players and parents want to play on a specific team or with a specific coach. Parents cannot choose their team. We try to accommodate requests where possible, but we have established Team Formation Guidelines for coordinators to use in forming teams. When registering for an Ascension team you can request to play on a certain team or with a certain player, but we cannot guarantee we can accommodate all requests.

It is the Program Director/Grade Coordinator’s responsibility to form the teams at a given grade level… not a coach of a team at that level. Please do not ask the coaches if your child can play on their team.

Below are some of the considerations for team formation.

  • The team the player was on the previous year.
  • The school the player attends.
  • The number of players assigned to each team at the grade level. We try to keep the number of players on a team consistent across the teams when possible.

Ascension does not conduct try-outs or allow coaches to hand-pick their teams.

Volunteer Information

Parent Participation - We Need Your Help!

All parents are encouraged to volunteer in a Sports Program as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or practice/game helper. If your team already has a Head Coach, please ask him/her what you can do to help the team, or contact the appropriate Coordinator for details on how to help. Parent Participation allows us to continue to provide sports programs!

Each volunteer must fulfill their Archdiocese obligation by being compliant with the guidelines listed below. Non-compliance means we cannot accept volunteers that we greatly appreciate and need to make our Ascension programs successful.

Parent Volunteers
​Coaches & Assistant Coaches​
  • All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must register each season in Team Sideline (no fee to register)
  • Please visit the "Coaches Corner" tab for Coaching requirements