Registration Information

Spring Programs

GOLF - Boys & Girls (Grades 1-8)

Registration: mid-December - January

Regular Season: March - early June

Post-Season: mid-June  (players/teams in grades 5-8 that qualify)

TRACK & FIELD - Boys & Girls (Grades K-8)

Registration: February - mid-March

Regular Season: mid-March - mid-May

Fall Programs

SOCCER - Boys & Girls (PreK - High School)

Registration: mid-May - mid-June

Regular Season: September - mid-November

Post-Season: Teams that qualify in grades 5-8

VOLLEYBALL - Boys & Girls (Grades 3 - High School)

Registration: May - June

Regular Season: August - mid-November

Post-Season: Teams that qualify in grades 5-8

Winter Programs

BASKETBALL - Boys & Girls (Grades K - High School)

Registration: September 1st - October 15th

Training League Season: November - end January

CYC Season: mid-November - mid-March

CHESS - Boys & Girls (Grades K - 8th)

Registration: September - November

Season: November - February

Final Meet: Players that qualify - late February


6-7 Matches played in a recreational format (no referees). Registration starts in the fall. Season starts the 2nd week in January. Fee includes beer from the keg, wine, and soda. Registration by team.

Baseball & Softball


Ascension does not offer baseball or softball, but CYC does have baseball and softball programs. You may be able to join a neighboring parish. CYC Baseball | CYC Softball

Links to other area programs: Chesterfield Baseball & Softball Association | Ellisville Athletic Association | Ballwin Athletic Association | Pond Athletic Association