Coaching an Ascension Sports Team

Thank you for the time you devote to being an Ascension Coach.  The Athletic Association would not be able to field teams if we did not have dedicated people give their time to help the program. 

Remember that coaching an Ascension team is a privilege and a responsibility.  We strive to afford the environment for our players to learn about the sport, but more importantly, to learn about Sportsmanship.  In addition to teaching your players how to play a sport, you will also be helping each child develop a positive attitude about themselves, their teammates, referees, and coaches.  As a coach you are a role model for both players and parents.

While there is required training and background checks associated with being an Ascension coach, we hope you understand these requirements are put in place to protect the children and to ensure you, as a volunteer coach, understand your role and your responsibility to the children.   

Coaches Corner

Requirements For Coaching at Ascension

There are four requirements for coaches that must be met in order to coach as Ascension. We realize fulfilling these requirements is an up-front time commitment for perspective coaches, but we need to ensure all our coaches have the proper training and background screening in order to provide a safe and positive experience for the children in the program.

Grades K-4 Grades 5 Grades 6-8
1. Protecting God's Children (in person)
2. Prevent & Protect (online)
3. Coaching To Make A Positive Difference (online) not required not required
Play Like A Champion Today (in person) not required not required

Each task is a one-time requirement for coaching any sport for Ascension.

Not sure if you're compliant?

Check Coach Compliance


ALL Coaches must register as a Head or Assistant Coach in Team Sideline EACH season.

There is no fee for this registration. Please complete this before completing the one-time requirements below.

Register As A Coach for Current Sport


In lieu of the physical card, coaches will be asked to upload a photo during the registration process. This photo will be added to the official roster.

CYC Coach Requirements

Protecting God's Children Training Workshop (in person)

All head coaches and assistant coaches are required to attend the "Protecting God’s Children" class. This class is offered at various parishes and locations throughout the St. Louis area. You can attend at any location.

  • Click Here for: Instructions
  • Click the link below and create an account
  • Click Register (below the login button)
  • When prompted, enter the passcode stlprotect
  • Select Parish or School, then select Ascension Parish and School

PGC Class Schedule

temporarily offered via Zoom

Register and Complete "Prevent & Protect" (online)

All head coaches AND all assistant coaches register online

  • Click Here for: Instructions
  • Go to
  • If you have not created an account, click Register (below the login button)
  • When prompted, enter the passcode stlprotect
  • Select Parish or School, then select Ascension Parish and School
  • Enter your role as Coach and complete the following:
    • Background Check form
    • Mandated Report video (20 min)
    • Code of Conduct video (20 min)
    • Agree to Code of Conduct

Prevent & Protect

Coaching Classes

All head and assistant coaches of all sports teams are required to complete

Grades K-4 ALL Coaches Must take CTMAPD (online)
Grades 5-8 ALL Coaches Must take PLACT (in person)

"Coaching to Make a Positive Difference" class
approximately 2.5 hours to complete
$24.95 fee (credit card or PayPal)

CTMAPD (online)

Upon completion, please send us your coach id #

"Play Like A Champion Today" class
2.5 - 3 hours with breakout discussion time
Choose "My Athletic Association Pays" when registering

PLACT (in person)

Temporarily offered via Zoom

MINOR COACHES (currently in High School or under 18)

All Minor Coaches must complete the Code of Ethical Conduct for Minors and submit to Ginger Stamer at [email protected]

​Need help or have questions? Contact Ginger Stamer at [email protected] or Rectory Office 636-532-3304